About Us


What is Mock Trial?

Mock Trial is a competition and activity in which students take on the roles of attorneys and witnesses to mimic a real trial, using a mock case. The team receives one case per academic year from the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA) that alternates between a civil and criminal case every year. Teams compete against other team from across the country to showcase our knowledge and ability. 

What do you do?

We learn and argue the federal rules of evidence, accustom ourselves to courtroom procedure, perform oral argument. The members are split into separate teams, dividing everyone up into the roles of witnesses and attorneys and on the prosecution/plaintiff and defense sides. Using these roles, we then prepare two sides of the case for trials. We create direct and cross examinations, opening and closing statements, and almost everything else you can think of involving a real trial.

What is it like?

Notre Dame Mock Trial is a huge commitment, but it's also a huge amount of fun. We are an extremely talented team with great witnesses, attorneys, and team members who can do both. We have taken down national teams including the University of Chicago, the Miami University (OH), THE Ohio State University, Northwestern University, and others. We have ranked within the top 5 teams for Regional competitions in past several years; last year alone, our team finished first and third place at two separate regional competitions. We have competed consistently at the highest caliber, and we expect to continue in that tradition.

Don't worry, Mock Trial kids like to have fun, too. Just as important as the actual competitions are the friendships and bonds you will make on this team. We have tailgates, social events, and countless hours spent working on the case together. Notre Dame Mock Trial is an amazing family with a group of some seriously cool people. 

If you are interested in joining, check out our "Looking to Tryout?" page, or send us an email (mt@nd.edu)!