The Case


Every year, the American Mock Trial Associate writes and releases a case. It alternates between civil and criminal each year!

There's been a murder (or involuntary manslaughter)! This year the prosecution gets to choose their charge: aggravated murder or involuntary manslaughter. The case takes place at the Calkins Campground in Midlands, where 12-year-old Parker Paige was (or maybe wasn't) murdered/abandoned. 


Here is the sneak-peek press release AMTA gave us over the summer:

Residents of Midlands, unfortunately, I have to deliver some tragic news. The search for young Parker Paige has ended as we all feared it might. The child was found deceased early this morning. A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Jordan Ryder on suspicion of kidnapping and murder. The AMTA Criminal Case Committee hopes you will enjoy State v. Ryder next year.

Witnesses include:

  • Detective

  • Social media influencer

  • Half-sibling of the defendant

  • Expert forensic pathologists

  • Cafe owner

  • Grieving parent (the defendant)

  • and quite a few more!