Join Our Team


When are tryouts?

Tryouts are held at the beginning of each fall semester. Details for Fall 2021 Mock Trial tryouts will be shared as soon as we plan them! 

How can I get information about tryouts?

We will have an information stand at the Fall Activities Fair. There, we will talk to interested undergraduates about involvement in our organization. There, these individuals will be able to be added to our email list, which will send out tryout times as well as a more detailed description on how they will be conducted. There will be an information session about the team and how to join in the fall before tryouts. 

Do I need high school Mock Trial experience?

Not at all! We take students from all experience levels. There are always multiple new students each year who have never done Mock Trial before, and that's totally not an issue. What we are looking for is public-speaking skills, ability to speak on your feet, and a collaborative attitude. You are not expected to have any previous knowledge about Rules of Evidence or trial procedure. We can teach you all of that!

What happens during the tryout?

After seeing an example of an opening statement and witness presentation at the informational meeting, we will send you a shorter version of the previous year's case. At the tryout, you will give us a short opening statement based on that case, some improvised arguments, and witness presentation and questioning. Don't worry, we won't be looking at content so much as presentation, and we understand that everyone comes from different Mock backgrounds and levels of experience.